Spellbook Dragon
Status: In production
~ Estimated to ship in Feburary/ March 2024

This plush is funded and in production! It is extremely limited edition, and will ship to preorder backers once it arrives!

1st Gen Cows

Sprout, Strawberry, Mushroom, Dr. Bovine and Highland

Status: In stock and ships in 5-7 days

This item is in stock, and all preorders have been fulfilled

UPDATE 9/23: Cows are offically shipping out! Once your order ships, you will receive an email with tracking information!

UPDATE 8/10/23: The cows are offically on their way to me! They are on their cruise ship headed to the united states, and are estimated to arrive in 30-45 days!

These cows were funded via kickstarter in April 2023! They completed safety testing in April and entered production the first week of May. They are all still in production, and are on track to be shipped out in September! Their preorder will be open until the limited preorder stock sells out.

2nd Gen Cows

Sunflower, Lavender Sprout, Mossy Highland, Daisy Highland, Cherry

Status: in stock
~ ships in 5-7 days~

Update 11/21/23: The bulk order has arrived! We are quality checking, tagging and will begin to ship out preorders starting the 27th!

Update 10/26/23: Cows are officially on their way to me, and should arrive in 20-30 days!

Update 8/1/23: The second gen cows are in production! They have passed safety testing and are on track for the November timeline

2nd Gen Cows are being funded via preorders on Alpacasews.com. This Preorder period will last June 30th-July 30th, then sales will be closed until the bulk order arrives in November. Production is set to begin in July!

Jumbo Crystal Witch & Shiitake Mushroom

Status: In stock
~ Ships in 5-7 days ~

This item is in stock, and all preorders have been fulfilled

UPDATE 9/20: These two are on their way to me! They should arrive in late october and begin to ship out then!

These two designs were put into production June 30th and are currently undergoing safety testing and production! They are on track for the October/November ship out date!